We due diligence alternative investments for wealth managers

Tomlinson Research is an independent investment consultant that specialises in alternative investments.


Alternative investment strategies include hedge funds, private debt and equity, infrastructure and venture capital, and are often the largest allocations in global pension and endowment portfolios. These can be complex investments.


The challenge for investors is the extensive due diligence necessary to benefit from alternative strategies. A lack of available resources can mean higher risks or lower returns. This is where we come in.


Since inception in 2013, we have worked on over 130 projects for our clients, covering investments in both liquid and private markets. Our work has taken us to 14 cities in eight countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia. We work globally.


We provide endowments, pensions and wealth managers of all types with the necessary due diligence to allocate with confidence to alternative investments strategies.


Ideas, unlike physical processes, do not experience diminishing marginal returns. Imagine an investment team freed of mind-numbing routine and focused instead on creativity and idea generation.

Digitisation is transforming routine analysis into a data processing exercise that directly creates the information our clients need to make an investment decision.

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Our due diligence is enabled by an in-house SQL database. The need to get away from crash-prone spreadsheets was obvious from day one.

It started with the simple requirement to store our files and other data somewhere that is secure and accessible anywhere, to then directly populate our report templates. But looking back now, it is slightly odd that our underlying logic remained analogue for as long as it did.

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Automation of routine tasks offers society the opportunity to remove mundane, often boring or even dangerous, tasks from the work we do.  The technology required to do this is in part based on the idea of pattern recognition, though this is an oversimplification.  Some repetitious tasks like automobile assembly have been automated for decades.

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