Our research service, called OCIOconnect, combines in-depth fundamental research with in-person and on-site investment consulting.

This allows our clients to increase their research coverage while speeding up their investment process.

We provide all the tools necessary to manage sophisticated client portfolios, including a model policy portfolio and a suite of 4 investment and risk reports backed-up by quarterly on-site meetings:

  • Monthly Performance Summary – snapshot of manager performance of all invested funds by strategy
  • Quarterly Investment Report – in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis on each fund
  • Fundamental Risk Matrix – leverage, liquidity, concentration and directionality on all invested funds by strategy
  • Annual Operational Report – in-depth operation report to ensure industry best practices.

We are focused solely on research, which means we can effectively reduce costs by 50% and offer up to 100% higher coverage than in-house solutions.  This is how we help our clients to adapt and become more competitive.


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