Our investment and operational due diligence is enabled by our in-house SQL database and reporting functionality. This also supports our in-person and on-site investment consulting.

We are constantly upgrading this database and reporting function, with a view to automating and accelerating the due diligence process, most recently with the capability to upload files directly.


It started with the simple need to store our files and other data somewhere that is secure and accessible anywhere, to then directly populate our report templates.

Over the past seven years, our programmers have incrementally improved this capability, to where we are now able to handle the most complex private equity and infrastructure funds.

We catagorise data into five database modules that are inputs to our report templates:

  • Manager – details of manager domicile, ownership and regulatory status.
  • Fund – objective, strategy, portfolio manager, key terms, service providers and benchmarks.
  • Financial – key data from the fund’s audited annual financial statements since inception.
  • Portfolio – portfolio exposures from risk reports and annual financial statements.
  • Statistical – measures of return asymmetry and consistency to compare with key benchmarks and peers.

These database modules combine to model and analyse the fund, including the types of risk and return, total cost of managing a strategy, which is then downloaded into a report template.

Database screenshot

Our 30-40 page reports provide an analysis of the firm and fund, the investment and operational teams and their processes, the investment portfolio and risk exposures, as well as financial statement analysis.

All of this supports the most important part of the work we do for our clients: to create an understanding of the logical case for the investment.


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