Our “white label” reports are designed to be concise and relevant to help busy investment professionals make better decisions.

Our research helps to improve investment decision-making. Our reports are designed to be relevant and concise to recognise when excessive risks transform investment into speculation.  This is why we focus on fundamental analysis.

We look for investment managers with the ability and temperament to be capital allocators.

Our process is simple and effective:

  • Right incentives – we insist that managers have a substantial part of their net worth in the fund; hence a strong incentive for investment success
  • Understandable mandate – we avoid complex investments where it is difficult to understand the economics of the strategy and the associated risks
  • Quantitative analysis – we look for good asymmetry and consistency of returns, which requires a clear understanding of the strategy
  • Qualitative assessment – we look at how the manager’s results were achieved; whether the logical process is sensible for the strategy and the team well established

As well as industry standard qualitative and quantitative analysis of fund managers, we focus on investment fundamentals rather than strictly performance based statistics.

We decompose the types of return and analyse this against the total cost, including cost of hedge, of managing a strategy over the life of a fund. With alternative investments, levered carry and excessive costs are significant risks and, in any case, are rarely worth paying high fees. Efficiently run funds often indicate superior management. The result is to provide new insights into the traditional performance statistics used to evaluate fund managers.



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