Expanding alternatives research is essential to remain competitive and attract new clients. This means either hiring new analysts or outsourcing with a trusted partner

Research supports firm growth and competitiveness. A small increase in alternatives coverage can create highly flexible portfolio solutions but requires a dedicated and specialised team.

Sophisticated clients have unique investment preferences and flexible research is essential to provide choice. Specialist or satellite managers address crucial client preferences. For example, a firm growing from 12 to 20 clients ideally requires the capability to cover 40 managers. Consider an alternatives portfolio that includes 15 core managers plus 2 specialist satellite managers.

A 20 manager list provides 15 core and 5 satellite managers, which means 10 combinations of 2 satellite managers available. A 40 manager list provides 15 core and 25 satellite managers. This gives 300 combinations of 2 satellite managers.

An approved list of 40 alternative managers creates a vastly higher number of portfolio choices for all conceivable needs. This is why global private banks usually offer 50 or more.




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