We offer our clients an instant boost in research capability by providing two types of investment consulting services (1) manager search, selection and monitoring and (2) track record verification. These complement our due diligence services.

Manager search, selection and monitoring

We work from client defined parameters to handle certain specific aspects of finding a new fund manager. This is normally followed by investment and operational due diligence, facilitating client negotiation of commercial terms and a final investment decision.

Investment consultingA

Track record verification

This is a specific component of investment due diligence, where performance presentation is difficult due to manager or mandate specific constraints. When we are able to provide a suitable performance presentation, our client will normally engage us for investment and operational due diligence.

Investment consultingB

There can be high up-front costs and time commitments associated with new investment mandates. We help our clients implement new asset and strategy allocation decisions, on time and on budget, with these two bespoke services.



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