Online CIO Connect Platform – OCIOconnect

Our web based platform,, provides investors with the essential due diligence and risk management tools necessary to invest and manage their alternative investment strategies (AIS) with confidence.

We provide all the tools necessary to manage sophisticated AIS portfolios:

  • Investment & operational due diligence

    • Liquid markets
    • Private markets
  • Risk measurement & reporting

    • Fund level
    • Portfolio level
  • Investment consulting

    • Analysis
    • Collaboration

    Fundamental Research

    Our research helps to improve investment decision-making. Our reports are designed to be relevant and concise to recognise when excessive risks transform investment into speculation.  This is why we focus on fundamental analysis.

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    Esssential Choice

    Research supports firm growth and competitiveness. A small increase in alternatives coverage can create highly flexible portfolio solutions but requires a dedicated and specialised team.

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    A new business model

    We offer an instant boost in research capability, a complete team for the cost of a senior analyst.

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