Tomlinson Research, founded by Keith Tomlinson in May 2013, is an independent investment consulting firm. We specialise in the investment and operational due diligence of alternative investment strategies.

Our objective is to provide independent and unbiased analysis. Our findings help our clients to refine how investment decisions are implemented, uncovering deviation from best practice, and highlighting key terms to negotiate before an investment is made.


We work with a select number of mainly European clients, who look to our experience and expertise in providing investment and operational due diligence on complex investments.

Our current clientele is mainly asset managers and UCITS platforms in Europe who wish to source managers in other jurisdictions, particularly the United States.

Business mix by client type

Our newest and fastest growing clientele are European based pensions and endowments that invest in private debt and equity as well as infrastructure funds globally.

Our business mix by investment type has historically been hedge funds, though recently our focus has been shifting towards private debt, equity and infrastructure funds. We also continue to work with certain specialised investors on crypto asset mandates.

Business mix by investment type


Global endowments, pensions, and wealth managers of all types favour a hybrid portfolio model that combines traditional and alternative investments. Effective due diligence is key to a successful hybrid portfolio, where replacing market-based returns with manager-skill requires verification and sound operations.

A look at global pension fund allocations is instructive. The five largest countries by pension assets are over 85% of global pensions, with the United States as the largest.

OECD Top 5

Commingled investment schemes and alternative investment strategies are a significant part of global pension fund allocations in these five countries, and the largest allocation at over 42% in the United States.

OECD Top 5 asset allocation

Looking at the average of the top five countries, commingled investment schemes and alternative investment strategies are the largest type of allocation.

OECD Top 5 average AA

The challenge is the due diligence necessary to benefit from alternative strategies. A lack of available resources can mean higher risks or lower returns for many investors. This is where we come in.

We help to provide endowments, pensions and wealth managers of all types with the necessary due diligence to allocate with confidence to alternative investment strategies.

(Source: OECD Pension Markets in Focus 2020)


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