Tomlinson Research, founded by Keith Tomlinson in May 2013, is an independent investment research company that specialises in alternative investments. Our web based alternative investments platform, called OCIOconnect, is a highly selective and focused alternatives research solution for wealth managers.

Prominent global endowments and sovereign wealth funds favour the hybrid portfolio model that combines traditional and alternative investments. Effective alternative investment research is key to a hybrid portfolio, replacing market-based returns with manager-skill.

Carefully selected and monitored, alternatives have dramatically improved the return profile of large US endowments compared to smaller ones, which tend to have much lower alternatives exposure.


Smaller endowments have shifted more slowly to the hybrid model and remain with traditional assets, such as large fixed income allocations. Larger endowments have returned 2% more annually or 22% cumulatively over 10 years.

The problem is the quality and quantity of research necessary to benefit from alternative strategies. A lack of available resources can mean higher risks or lower returns for many smaller firms and their clients.


We help to provide wealth managers with the necessary resources to create properly researched hybrid investment portfolios for their clients.


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